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United Kingdom


British agency Retrofuzz and Q partnered up to develop a new, cutting edge eCommerce and web app solution for the leading British sports car manufacturer - Ginetta.

Ginetta is one of the leading British race car manufacturers and is putting the UK at the heart of world-class motorsport again. Ginetta is selling cars across the world and trains the brightest stars in motorsport. A thorough digitalization of all internal and external processes was inevitable to keep up with the competition.

What we did

  • Web App
  • eCommerce
  • Website
  • Quality Assurance

Tech stack

  • PHP
  • Craft CMS
  • Craft Commerce
  • JS
  • HTML
  • CSS


  1. Workshop

    The process started with the extensive on-site workshop, defining the approach of building a webshop which would later be integrated with a web app for Ginetta drivers.

  2. Discovery Phase

    In this phase we gathered all the useful information about the professional Ginetta drivers and the Ginetta consumers’ usual purchase processes.

  3. Prototyping

    Iterations of clickable wireframes were crucial in making the shopping process and web app’s UX intuitive.

  4. Development

    We created a shop solution using Craft Commerce, and a web app using Craft CMS with various external services integrations.

  5. Support and Ongoing Development

    After we released a final version of the webshop and the web app, we continued to work on new features and maintenance.



Build an easy-to-use solution for customers and Ginetta staff

We started the process with gathering all important information about Ginetta, and developed a custom backend solution to fit their needs.

Developing all-in-one Racing Centre for management of drivers, teams, and races organization

There were several on-site workshops with the end client and Ginetta drivers in order to set the right foundation and to have a scalable platform architecture.

How to engage more young drivers to join the Ginetta club

We developed a simple and clean promotional website with special offers for newcomers in the eCommerce part.


In collaboration with Retrofuzz, we developed a cutting edge eCommerce and web app solution for the leading British sports car manufacture.

Moreover, we developed the Racing Centre app for Ginetta. Racing Centre app enables all Ginetta Championships drivers to use a dashboard where they can see their placement, past and future races, all the members of their support team, useful information, news feed surrounding their career, and many more.

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