Dedicated Team

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What is a Dedicated Team?

This is a team of software development and design experts, dedicated to one client. The team will be 100% dedicated to you and the project, working from our office in Croatia and traveling to your premises if needed.

Is a Dedicated Team the right solution for you?

Working with a Dedicated Team is the best choice for a long-term project. Also, you can undertake this approach if you are unable to find qualified experts locally.

How to manage your
Dedicated Team

Q managed

Your Dedicated Team will be managed by our Project Managers for end-to-end coverage of your tech needs. You determine the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement, while our team does the rest.

Client managed

Client managed Dedicated Team is a perfect setup when your ongoing project demands extra resources. The team is managed by your Project Manager and our team aligns to your processes and procedures, just like any other remote employees.

How is your Dedicated Team assembled?

  1. Workshop

    The goal of the workshop is to understand your business goals and your clients’ needs in order to know the type of team necessary to achieve them.

  2. Job specification

    We define detailed job specifications for each team candidate, as well as all the resources that you require for the management of the team.

  3. Candidates preselection

    You will receive a list of candidates and their resumés. They possess specific skills, experiences and first-hand knowledge that match project requirements and your expectations.

  4. Interviews

    Each candidate we pick can go through the interview with your HR or Tech Team to see if they meet the requirements.

  5. Onboarding

    This process can be done at your office too. We encourage our clients to have the Dedicated Team meet your employees as well as learn about your company’s culture.

  6. Daily Reporting

    Dedicated team becomes an integral part of your team which includes daily reports on what they’ve been working on, standup calls etc.


The benefits of hiring a Q Dedicated Team

Experienced & reliable experts

All our designers, developers and engineers are pre-scanned and available in 2-8 weeks. Usually, senior experts of this quality are hard to find locally.

High-quality end result

A dedicated team gains in-depth knowledge about your business goals and your clients’ needs. This helps with flexibility and adaptability: Direction can be changed, technologies can be improved upon to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Flexibility and modularity

You can interview, select and manage our engineers ‘till the perfect fit. At any point, you can remove a member from your dedicated team or add additional members if your digital solution requires it. New technologies can be added too.


The team will be working from our office in Croatia, the youngest member of the EU, which has become a top near-shore outsourcing location. Also, they can travel to your premises if needed.

Continuous communication and reporting

Based on your preferences, we can set up weekly or daily calls between our project manager or the entire team and you. All our staff is fluent in both spoken and written English. Status reports ensure that the team’s work is supervised. This also prevents small problems growing into bigger ones because of the fast reaction time.

1 point of contact and 1 invoice

If you choose so, a project manager will be assigned to the team. She will be your single point of contact, synchronizing the various team members and keeping you updated on the status of their tasks and overall progress. You will have one invoice for all the different services that our dedicated team provides you.


We have unparalleled working conditions which ensure that each and every member of the dedicated team will be available on a long term basis. Our employees love working at Q because they feel respected and know that their opinions and ideas count (these are actual survey results).

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